I am sure you wonder how some companies get to be on the 1st page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and other search engines. Well, the answer is your content! Yes, what you put on the website guides search engines by using  “Keywords”. The key is SEARCH OPTIMIZED CONTENT , very similar to Search Engine Optimization.

For instance, if you have a graphic design company in Pretoria or New York Central, you want clients in and around that area. So your pages or a a particular page (Mostly the home page) have these or look like this: Kubumedia offers graphic design services in Pretoria or can read Kubumedia is a graphic design company in Pretoria.

The keywords:
– Graphic
– Design
– Kubumedia
– Services
– Pretoria

So that people find you or that page when they search ” Graphic design company in Pretoria “ , because all the keywords are there on the home page; then you will see in a few days your website will be ranking in your particular search category.

Go on now, review your website content; or Email us now so we do your SEO: info[a]

By Tumelo David Kubu of Kubumedia Agency

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