Kubumedia Agency is a Pretoria Graphic Design, Website Design & Development, SEO, Branding Design, Online Marketing, Magazine Design, Poster Design, Web Hosting Services company. Offering  services from Gauteng, Pretoria, Sandton, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Mahikeng, Limpopo, Congo, Botswana to as further as Arkansas, Chicago USA – for us distance is not a problem.


How we work

We like work at an effective pace so we can match your expectations, safe you time and money by being flexible on how we communicate and deliver services. Hence most of our clients are small, medium to large businesses nationally and abroad we use more modem communication like Email, Skype, Whatsapp and Telephonic discussions, meetings when possible or necessary.  Our the past few years we have develop trust and solid communication with clients we have not met face to face, clients who have been in our goods books for over 5 years since we started. We have not met 70% of our clients (local and abroad).

Our web hosting and design work standard

We do designs of high standard for businesses and public icons where quality is essential. Our web hosting service if of high trust worthy standard at affordable rates.

Can you trust us with your privacy and clients?

Absolutely! We work with all types of businesses with important information share. We host a lot of websites and email addresses for companies local and international, all information is kept confidential so you need not worry. We have your back.


Why choose us

  • We do not judge clients but aim to serve and education where possible
  • Our rates are affordable for all kinds of clients, even if you are just starting your business (We have a Business Starter Design Package)
  • Flexibility and multi-tasking, we try hard to avoid making you wait 24 hours before we do something if we can do it immediately; we do it. Time is money.
  • Flexible payment plans, if you can’t afford our service immediate we can do a payment arrangement; our pockets are not equal, right?

Partnering and project collaboration, you can outsource your work to us anytime

We work with other agencies & companies in the media, business or any sector where we can be helpful, if you need a website or some nifty graphic work done for you clients – we are more than happy to work with you. Even if we have the same services, we can make it work; business is a like a circle so we are all in the same arena why not work together. Competition is healthy once in a while.